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Aage Villumsen has made it easier to be a dairy cow in Denmark - and he has also helped to make everyday life easier for several farmers. Aage has a nice practical approach to things, and he is good at simplifying things. For me, Aage is both a good colleague and a fantastic dairy farmer. Aage has personally taught me 3 important things about counseling: Honesty, Simplicity and Stability.

Ida Ringgård, farmer consultant

Aage has an incredibly positive commitment towards feed and counseling. He is way ahead compared to traditional counseling. I have a lot of respect for Aage because he believes in what he does, and he dares to try some things out in the stable. If you, as a farmer, do something that is not good, he says it outright. Aage is exceptional and he has given my farm a tremendous boost. I wouldn't dream of using another counselor. Action, will and desire - three words that fit Aage perfectly. I would highly recommend Aage.

Jens Peter Jensen, farmer